Part-time Acting Head of Staff Announced

Part-time Acting Head of Staff Announced

Part-time Acting Head of Staff Announced 150 150 Central Presbyterian Church
With confidence and joy the Personnel Committee announces that our own Rev. Steve Bacon will be coming out of retirement to serve as our part-time Acting Head of Staff. This time-limited term of service will begin immediately following Gary’s departure and continue until the arrival of our Interim Pastor.

As directed by Session, the Personnel Committee conducted an expeditious search for a person qualified for the position we had in mind. We could not possibly have found a better person for this job! Steve offers a unique combination of gifts, experience, and knowledge of Central. He has faithfully and ably served Central in many capacities over the last forty years, including prior service as temporary head of staff during the interim period between Ted Wardlaw and Gary Charles.

Steve will work 20 hours per week to help “keep the trains running” at Central – overseeing staff, church operations, worship planning, moderating Session and helping with communications and collaborative efforts during the changes ahead.

We feel the providence of God in this step and are grateful Steve is willing to lead us through the beginnings of this transitional time for Central. Please be sure to extend your own personal thanks to Steve for agreeing, once again, to answer Central’s call for his help. And please keep Steve and Edna, Central, and Central’s staff in your prayers.

Grace and Peace to you all!

From the Personnel Committee:  David Martyn, Chair;  Cindi Yarborough, Vice-Chair; Lawrence Ashe; Kevin Byers; Marcia Crosland; Jan Gillespie DeLong;  Ann Hunter;  Anne Huss;  Wills Moore; Charlie Richards;  Jim Sandrock;  and Ex-Officio member, Tom Leslie, Chair, Ministry of Stewardship.
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