A Movie Buffet and Lunch too

A Movie Buffet and Lunch too

A Movie Buffet and Lunch too 150 150 Central Presbyterian Church


Saturday, April 1 | Movie Buffet and Lunch

12 p.m. | Plaza Theatre
Briarcliff Plaza, 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

The Event Committee is at it again. This time we will meet Saturday, April 1 for the 41st Atlanta Film Festival. For the first time, we will offer a movie buffet featuring a selection of two movies, both starting at 12:15 p.m., showing at the Plaza Theatre on Ponce de Leon. Please plan to meet outside the theatre no later than noon.

Your first choice, “the meat dish”, is ‘In the Radiant City’, the story of a man who must return home to rural Kentucky, where his testimony against his brother in a murder trial still carries the stigma that caused a rift within the family 20 years earlier. Now, he must face his angry sister, doped-up mother, and degrading town folk while deciding whether to participate in his brother’s parole plea. Can what was broken ever be put back together again in this complicated story of resentment and betrayal, or will the waters be further muddied by unpredictable circumstances?

For the documentary/foreign film fans, we offer “the fish taco”, ‘La Selva Negra’ (The Modern Jungle) in Spanish with English subtitles. ‘La Selva Negra’ is an intimate story of the Zoque culture, indigenous people of Mexico who speak the Zoque language, painted through the fever dream of a Mexican shaman. The film highlights the issues of globalization and commodity fetish through documentary, while portraying the shaman’s financial hardship and hopes for a better future.

After the movies, we will meet down the street from the theatre at La Fonda Latina for great pan Latin food and conversation.

Tickets may be purchased online at www.atlantafilmfestival.com ($10.00 + $1.54 ordering fee). To sign up and let us know you are coming, you can click here, visit the Events Committee table during Sunday lunch on March 19 & 26, or call Rick DeFeo at 347-852-1317.

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