Central Outreach & Advocacy Center

CentralOACThe Central Outreach & Advocacy Center (OAC) is open Monday  – Friday 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and Wednesday Afternoons 2-4 p.m. 

Services are first-come-first-served every day, and no advance appointments can be made.  Call (404) 659-7119 for any questions about what services are offered.

Visit centraloac.org for more information.

Programs Include

Supportive (Crisis) Services

The Central OAC offers supportive services to meet the critical needs of their guest by helping them to obtain:

  • Georgia ID cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Access to emergency food and clothing
  • Assistance with benefits enrollment.
  • Referrals for clothing, legal services, shelter, mental health/addiction recovery programs, and housing
  • On-site vision clinics and prescription glasses, basic medical care, and legal aid

Main Frame Job Readiness

The Main Frame Job Readiness program provides skills and support Central OAC guests to find and maintain steady, living-wage employment.

  • Computer training
  • Job search benefits screening
  • Resume preparation and self-presentation

Guests will learn how to apply for jobs online, how to conduct themselves during interviews and in the workplace, and one-on-one tutoring and mentorship.


The Central OAC is committed to advocate for changes to policies and practices that make it difficult for people to escape poverty and homelessness, and to empower guests to advocate for themselves.

They have a hands-on approach to working with homeless men and women.

Visit centraloac.org for more information.