Central Neighbors (Parishes)

Central Neighbors was created to provide members with opportunities to build community and receive and provide pastoral care within six geographical parishes located throughout metro Atlanta. Each church member becomes a parish member when he or she joins Central.

Parishes generally gather for social events, service opportunities, support when a new baby is born, when someone is ill, or when someone dies. Parishes gather in members’ homes to mark Maundy Thursday by sharing a potluck meal and worship. Central’s deacons work closely with parish coordinators, particularly in response to pastoral concerns. Below are our Parish Coordinators. If you don’t know your Parish, please contact Linda Massengill.

Parish Coordinators

Brookwood Parish
Juliana Winters, Parish Coordinator

Decatur Parish
Marcia Hunter, Parish Coordinator

Down Yonder Parish
Em McNair, Parish Coordinator

Intown North Parish
Debbie Miller, Parish Coordinator

Intown South Parish
Steve Wade, Parish Coordinator

Northern Lights Parish
Gayle Knight, Parish Coordinator

Sunday Morning

Central is back in the sanctuary !If you are not comfortable returning, you may join us on our website, Facebook or YouTube. Our services begin at 11 a.m. on Sundays.

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