Deacons & Elders

The Session consists of the pastor, the associate pastor, and the elders in active service. Each class of elders consists of eight members elected by the congregation to serve three-year terms. These terms are staggered so that nine elders retire from the Session each year, and nine newly-elected elders join the Session each year. The Session meets on a monthly basis to carry out its responsibilities for the mission and government of the church. The Clerk of the Session is Gayle Knight.

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Class of 2022

Lucy Baum

David Enniss

Karen Gravel

David Hunter

Sandy Lum

Jerry Miller

Keith Pascoe

Bob Riordan

Betsy Smalley

Class of 2023

 Bessie Green

Kathy Harben

Khaliah Johnson

 Susan Landrum

Amy Mast

 Matt Parrish

Mike Sizemore

Charles Yorke

Beth Webb-Woods 

Class of 2024

Janet Abercrombie

Lewis Amos

Julie Boggs

Kelly Bray

Sarah Cook

Mary Sidney Harbert

Tom Holcomb

Ximena Leroux

Shelley Parnes

The primary role of the Deacons at Central Presbyterian Church is to provide a ministry of care and compassion to our congregational members in cooperation with our pastors. Each class of Deacons are elected by the congregation to serve a three-year term.

There are currently six ministries of focus:  Parish Ministry, Communications Ministry, Outreach: Care Calls Ministry,  Outreach: Flower Ministry,  In-Home Ministry, Cross Pollination Ministry.

Jan DeLong and Vicki Norman, Moderators

Vicki Collier and Ginger Heidbreder, Vice Moderators

Class of 2022

Amy Covin

Jan DeLong

Sandy Hoke

Kathy McCloud

Vicki Norman

Anne Watkins

Class of 2023

Ginger Heidbreder

Linda Graham Lehfeldt

Thomas C. (Tom) Leslie

Ben Evans

Brian Bishop

Vicki Collier

La Shawn M. Green

Class of 2024

Ed Carwile 

Eleanor Dake 

Rob Forbes 

Emmalee Hackshaw 

Zac Hilimire 

Ben Sutton 

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