Deacons & Elders


The Session consists of the pastor, the associate pastor, and the elders in active service. Each class of elders consists of eight members elected by the congregation to serve three-year terms. These terms are staggered so that nine elders retire from the Session each year, and nine newly-elected elders join the Session each year. The Session meets on a monthly basis to carry out its responsibilities for the mission and government of the church. The Moderator of the Session is David Cozad. The Clerk of the Session is Brady Lum.

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Tony Amos

Vicki Collier

Tricia Downing

Rob Forbes

Trudy Loper

Brady Lum

David Martyn

Betty Rainwater

Elizabeth Sudduth

Wade Hamilton Boggs

Marcia Brasher Crosland

Rick DeFeo

Kip Ladd

John Marshall

Tracy Moore

Bret Williams

Bill Wilson

Cindi Yarbrough

Maria Baez

George Brown

Sarah Cook

Gary Cornell

Erin Gerber

Jo McMurtrie

Meridith Rentz-Baker

Chris Sciarrone

Paul Zwier

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The primary role of the deacons at Central Church is to provide a ministry of care and compassion to our members in cooperation with our pastors.  Deacons are elected to a three-year term.

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Becky Battle

Anne Blankinship

Philip Covin

Paul Greene

Juliana Winters

Richard Woodring

Mark Borst

Ed Carwile

Martha Haythorn

Vanessa Gabrielle Hunter

Martha Kimes

Chantal Poister Tusher

Nancy Wilkes

Kimberly Amos

Matt Baum

Karen Beaty

Susan Landrum

Fiona Moore-Keish

Kristeen Sorrells