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Central Presbyterian Church has been the site of many weddings, and we are honored that so many couples have chosen to start their new lives together here. Central’s historic sanctuary building (listed on the National Register of Historic Places) provides a beautiful setting and its location in close proximity to the downtown interstate system makes for easy access.

Rand Chapel

Rand Chapel is a handsome example of English Gothic architecture. A visitor to the chapel will recognize the buttressed walls, the tall windows, the use of pointed arches, both inside and out, and the exposed timbered ceiling structure as typical features of this style.

Rand Chapel is a beautiful setting for small, intimate weddings. 

For more information about Central’s Sanctuary or Rand Chapel, please contact Central’s Wedding Coordinator.


If you are interested in having your wedding at Central, please be aware that there are certain requirements and guidelines that couples must meet before their ceremony can be held in our sanctuary.

Basic requirements include:

  • A Central pastor must officiate at the wedding, though a co-officiant of the couple’s choice may also participate.
  • Premarital counseling classes are required.
  • Regular attendance at Sunday worship is expected prior to the wedding.
  • All parties involved, including the photographer, must abide by the policies stipulated in the wedding guidelines.
  • Central’s wedding coordinator will provide all fee information.
  • Once a wedding is approved, a Wedding Request Form, along with a refundable deposit of $200, is required to confirm the date on the church calendar. The wedding coordinator will provide all necessary forms.
  • Non-member wedding dates may not be confirmed more than nine months in advance.
  • The wedding fee structure and date confirmation policy is based on your membership status at the time you submit the Wedding Request Form. Joining the church after the Wedding Request Form has been submitted does not change your membership status for the wedding.

For inquiries about Central’s sanctuary or Rand Chapel, please contact Central’s Wedding Coordinator.