Help Central Call Its Next Pastor

Central’s Pastor Nominating Committee has completed the church’s Ministry Information Form, (MIF), which is a narrative of Central and a job description. It has been approved by both the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta and the Session and will soon be made available on the denomination’s website for prospective candidates to view. If you know of someone who is interested in being our next pastor, or whom you think is qualified and should be contacted by the PNC, please email Judy Kisla. All names will be held in strict confidence. More than anything else, the committee covets your prayers as it enters this most critical phase of the pastor search process. To view the MIF click here.

An Update from the PNC

Updated as of August 3, 2022

The PNC has entered a new phase of the discernment process and has begun initial interviews with candidates. We are moving forward with excitement, confidence and hope. As always, we covet your prayers

The PNC began meeting weekly in late January. The first goal was to create our Ministry Information Form (MIF), which is both a narrative picture of Central including our history, cultural context, demographics, mission and vision for the future and a job description. (The MIF can be accessed here). The process began with a review of the many surveys and town hall conversations which had been completed.

The PNC attended both the conflict resolution workshop held in February and the vision planning workshop in March, seeking insight into ways to heal and move forward. Previous MIFs and terms of call were reviewed, and information and guidance were gleaned from Central leadership and staff as well as our Presbytery partners.

In late March, the process of synthesizing all the information that had been gathered, arriving at core leadership competencies Central is seeking in its new pastor, and answering the narrative questions in the MIF, began in earnest.

This process helped the PNC distill where Central has been, where we are right now, and where we may want to go in the future, resulting in an understanding of the kind of leader who may take us there. Despite the 1,500-character limit, the PNC sought to capture the essence of who we are and the hope for who we may become, pointing to the person God has already chosen to lead and accompany us. The MIF was approved by the Presbytery and by the Session at their May meeting. Having attended a very informative meeting with Bill Drummond of Georgia Tech, who presented a demographic study of Central, we are further refining what we may ask our interviewees.

The PNC continues to meet weekly, working on interview questions and the review of the many PIFs we have been receiving through the denomination match process. We also are reaching out to candidates who have been referred by members of the congregation and clergy affiliates.

Please keep those referrals coming. Keep those prayers coming too.

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