Liturgical Arts

Liturgical Artists create and provide art for our worship spaces in the form of paraments, banners, or other forms of artistic expression. From paper-lace cut banners to A Wing and a Prayer origami bird mobile, liturgical art helps enhance our worship services throughout the year.

In addition, the Tull Hall Art Gallery hosts rotating arts exhibit throughout the year displaying the work of leading artists from all over the country and world. We work closely with several organizations, and have premiered major exhibits and exhibits from our own congregational artists.

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Each year Central’s Arts of the Spirit series offers either a workshop or seminar, an opportunity to sing, or a concert with a cause, and supports rotating art exhibits. Arts of the Spirit is supported by a donor base of church members and individuals from the larger community. If you wish to donate, you may donate online here.

Current Exhibit in Tull Hall Gallery

The new exhibit in Tull Hall Art Gallery, Palestine: Unlimited, is derived from a signature initiative of Dar Al Kalima University College of Arts and Culture in Bethlehem: a call to the best young photographers of Palestine to share interpretations of their country and its people. The ten finalists from the Karimeh Abboud Award Competition — named for a pioneering 20th century Palestinian female photographer — will help us break through icons and stereotypes in order to experience Palestine as it really is.
Listen to the words of photographer Ala’a Abu Salem: “[T]hese portraits aim at representing the Palestinian away from any ties, connections or expectations with themes and specific subjects. In short, it is an attempt to break the stereotype and overused image of the Palestinian person.”
To investigate Palestinian identity, to nurture beauty, and to invest in a culture of life, to foster creative resistance, to build hope: this is the work of Dar al Kalima.
Enjoy Palestine: Unlimited. Move beyond stereotypes. Enter hope.