Memorial Garden

Throughout our lives as Christians, the church ministers to our needs.  We are baptized in the church, nurtured by its teachings, and are fulfilled by service in its mission.  At the end of our lives, we find comfort in knowing that the church provides interment and/or memorialization on consecrated church property.

It is in the spirit of closing the circle of ministry from birth to death that Central Presbyterian Church has created a memorial garden north of Rand Chapel.  The garden provides a well-maintained and consecrated site for the interment of ash remains and memorialization of church members and their families.


Ash remains may be interred within the garden in biodegradable containers or scattered in the burial area.  Specific details of interment are left up to the family and clergy.

Memorial Plaques

The name of each person memorialized in the garden, including date of birth and death, is placed on an individually cast bronze nameplate.  Nameplates of all memorialized are affixed to a bronze plaque located inside the garden.


All members of Central Presbyterian Church and their families are eligible for interment in the Memorial Garden. 

Click here to download an application.

Email Linda Massengill for additional information.