Pastoral Transition Process


December 13, 2016

In this Advent season of anticipation and longing, many of us are filled with prayers, hopeful expectation, and curiosity as to what God has in store for our Central Presbyterian Church family in the coming year, especially around the process and preparation for calling our next senior pastor.

As the Transition Team, a task force appointed by the session over the summer, we share this update on our committee’s work, in the hopes to keep you informed as we move down the path toward the search process and call of our next installed senior pastor.

The good news is that we have already begun our journey:

  • The first step was finding our interim pastor, which we completed in late July with the approval of session and the guidance of our presbytery The Interim Pastor Nominating Committee’s diligent, but careful search for a gifted senior pastor with experience and training in interim ministry was met in David Cozad, who began his time with us as at our all-church retreat over Labor Day weekend.
  • Since September, David has been focused on understanding Central’s past and present in order to shape his perspective on our needs for the future. You have received some of his initial observations in his “State of the Church” letter mailed in early November.
  • We – the members of the transition team – have been one of the groups working regularly with David, and will continue to do so. Our work centers on the details related to the planning, coordinating and communication of the pastoral transition. There will be other groups in our congregation that will nominate and serve on the pastor nominating committee, so our work is intentionally separate from but complementary to theirs.

So what is ahead for us?

  • In January, the transition team will oversee the next step of our journey during this interim period – and it is one that will need your input. Following the recommendation of our presbytery for a church during pastoral transition, we will be distributing a church self-assessment survey in late January.
  • This survey will allow us to understand, with a wide lens, the health, vitality, and priorities of our congregation in this time and place. This will be an important source of insight for both the session and the pastoral nominating committee, which can be formed only after the survey results have been analyzed.

Together we will continue along this journey, following a process laid out by our denomination and presbytery, and moving forward together with the hope and confidence, supported by your prayers, that we are, indeed, right where we need to be.

Eleanor Dake, Chair
Mark Borst
Anita Carwile
Kip Ladd
Chris McCain
Catherine Wilson

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