Request for Proposals

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You can view and download the 11-17-2021 Preproposal Meeting Summary HERE.

A Request For Proposals – REVISED 11/16/2021

Purpose of this Request for Proposals

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is for Central Presbyterian Church of Atlanta (CPC) located at 201 Washington St., SW to identify the best offer from the representative of a qualified owner of property in the City of Atlanta or other qualified real estate entity to receive up to 1 million square feet of severed development rights that could be transferred by CPC (the Sending Site) to one or more qualified Receiving Sites in the City of Atlanta. Such transfer would increase the development potential and thus the value of such properties by the corresponding amount of development rights transferred from the Sending Site without modifying the current zoning of the Receiving Site. Such transfers are authorized in the City of Atlanta subject to the provisions of City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances, including Section 16-28.23., Transfer of development rights.

Goal of Central Presbyterian Church

The goal of CPC is to support the diverse growth of downtown Atlanta by providing affordable housing opportunities and housing support services for under-served downtown populations. In order to do this CPC intends to sell or trade excess development rights totaling 1 million square feet. The church would consider: 1) an outright sale of our severed development rights for the best cash offer, or 2) a mutually beneficial transaction that transfers severed development rights to an eligible Receiving Site in exchange for a binding agreement to provide a suitable number of affordable housing units in an appropriate location and time.


Central Presbyterian Church (CPC) is one of the oldest and most historic churches in downtown Atlanta. CPC is located opposite the State Capitol and one block from the Atlanta City Hall. Our church has historically been active in serving the needs of downtown residents, especially the poor and needy. Over the years we have used our buildings to host a number of social services for underserved populations including a downtown clinic, a cold weather night shelter, a foot clinic, a Child Development Center. We also host the Central Outreach and Advocacy Center, a separate 501(c)(3) organization that provides access to emergency food and clothing and a range of supportive services and job readiness programs designed to open doors to employment, healthcare, and housing. Our Local Mission Committee also has a full range of charitable activities and members of this Committee participate in numerous efforts focused on social justice issues, especially caring for the homeless persons surrounding our campus in growing numbers.

In August, 2018 the Session of CPC announced the formation of the South Downtown Corridor Initiative Task Force with a mission statement that included these words: “Advocate for and influence key development efforts and studies to be responsive to our ongoing concerns for homelessness, housing affordability, gentrification and displacement, relations with Georgia State University, Capitol Police, and others.” The Task Force soon reached the conclusion that CPC has provided for many of the needs of homeless people, but not really addressed the most basic need – permanent shelter. Therefore, we resolved to seek ways to actively provide affordable and supportive housing downtown. The missing ingredient is sufficient capital resources. Subsequent research revealed that as an Historic Landmark, we could use the City’s transfer of development rights program to generate capital that may be used to develop and maintain affordable and supportive housing in downtown. This RFP grew out of these efforts.

Description of Central’s Historic Campus

The CPC campus consists of the Sanctuary built in 1885, the Campbell-Eagan Building built in 1925, the Rand Chapel built in 1950 and the Oglesby Building built in 1968. The total campus consists of around 64,000 gross square feet of building area placed on 1.077 acres at 201 Washington Street, SW.

CPC was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986 and designated as an Historic Landmark Building by the City of Atlanta in 1989.  Because of its status as an Historic Landmark Building, our property is subject to provisions of the City of Atlanta Historic Preservation Ordinance found in Official City Code, Chapter 20. This legislation subjects our property to a substantial body of regulations and procedures that significantly limit the use, future developability and value of our property.

In consideration of these economic constraints, the City of Atlanta adopted Section 16-28.23 that authorizes an historic property such as CPC to sever, then sell / transfer excess (unused) development rights to another, off-site property. This provision of the Zoning Ordinance requires that CPC agrees to abide by the regulations of the Historic Preservation Ordinance (Chapter 20) that encourages us to preserve the current structures on the site. Once these unused development rights are severed from the existing property they can no longer be used by the church. However, the entity receiving the severed rights may transfer them elsewhere in the City to increase the development potential of other, “Receiving Sites” by a corresponding amount changing the zoning designation of the property. The intent of this transfer is to allow the Receiving Site to be developed to an increased density that may exceed the density of the current zoning district of the Receiving Site, creating an increased economic value for the owner of the Receiving Site. In principle, the economic value lost by CPC due to its historic nature can then be used elsewhere in the City of Atlanta. By sale and transfer of these rights, the historic property may be compensated by the real estate market, thus offsetting its economic loss while maintaining the historic character of the City. This transfer of development rights is also subject to approval of a Special Use Permit by the City of Atlanta as provided in Code Section 16-25.003.

Characteristics of Sending Site and Available TDR’s

The current zoning designation of CPC property (1.077 acres) is Special Public Interest District (SPI)-1, Sub-Area-1 (Landmark Building or Site). This zoning district permits a wide range of high-density uses including commercial mixed use, residential mixed use, office, hotel, multifamily residential, and institutional uses. (Refer to the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances, Section 16-18A.006.) The zoning ordinance permits the church property to be developed with a total build-out of nearly 2.4 million square feet. The difference between this total permitted build-out intensity and the current buildings of 64,434 square feet (2,335,292) is the amount of excess development rights that are potentially eligible to be transferred to other eligible Receiving Sites in the City of Atlanta. Out of a sense of prudence CPC has chosen to limit the immediately available transfer of development rights to a total of 1 million square feet, reserving the remainder for future consideration.

Development Objectives

CPC is looking for a development partner who will acquire and transfer our available development rights and also has the experience, capability, and desire to work with CPC’s vision and mission of increasing the supply of affordable and supportive housing in downtown Atlanta in an innovative and creative way.  Respondent may either propose to purchase development rights for cash or to provide affordable and or supportive housing at the receiving site or another eligible site. If a cash offer is intended, provide analysis and documentation that indicates the proposed valuation of CPC’s transferred development rights and the methods and assumptions used in such analysis.

CPC appreciates the interest of partners in the real estate development industry and looks forward to selecting one with whom it can collaborate toward the realized vision.

Pre-Proposal Conference

We are excited to engage in-depth discussions with a shortlist of developers to better understand the opportunity and ultimately create development opportunities that are mutually beneficial and will enhance the quality of life of Downtown Atlanta. As a part of the process, we invite you to Pre-Proposal Teleconference at 2pm EST on Wednesday, December 1, 2021in order to answer questions, clarify our intent and better understand the position and interests of the notable proposers.

Elements and Organization of Responses to the RFP

The Respondent must provide:

  1. A description of your organization and its background in development in Atlanta.
  2. Primary contact for this proposal.
  3. Name and firm of primary outside legal counsel(s), if any, that will represent Respondent.
  4. Commitment to diversity and inclusion: the proposal shall indicate the commitment of the respondent to principles of socioeconomic diversity and inclusion in its personnel policies, business practices, contracts and products.
  5. Describe the intended form of transaction (cash purchase or development exchange) and the proposed terms of sale. If the respondent intends to build affordable or supportive housing in exchange for development rights, indicate the type, location and extent of the housing proposal.
  6. Submission of Proposal Responses should be signed by hand by a Principal of the Respondent Firm with authority to enter into a Contract with CPC. Joint ventures or partnerships must designate a single point of contact to represent the joint venture / partnership in submitting and executing a proposal.

Each Respondent is responsible for the preparation of its proposal and for the costs of preparing and submitting the proposal. Each Respondent acknowledges and agrees that once submitted to CPC, each proposal will become the property of CPC, without compensation to the Respondent, for CPC’s use, at its sole discretion.

All Proposals must be received not later than 4PM EST on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Respondent must submit its proposal in the following manner:

  • At least one electronic USB Flash Drive and
  • Five physical copies.

Proposals must be sealed and provide the following information on the front of the package:

  • Respondent’s Name / Company Name, Address and Phone Number
  • Addressed to: Central Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, 201 Washington Street, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303 – ATTENTION: TDR PROPOSAL REVIEW TEAM


Key Dates Event Details
Nov. 10, 2021 RFP published See
Dec. 1, 2021 at 2PM EST Pre-Proposal Teleconference Attendance is not required but is strongly encouraged. Zoom link is
Passcode 292571
Dec. 8, 2021 Publication of Summary of Pre-Proposal Conference Refer to CPC website at

Dec. 3, 2021 RFP Questions due Please submit all questions in writing via electronic mail to: Answers posted to project website by 12/10/21.
JAN. 11, 2022 Complete responses to this RFP are due at CPC no later than 4PM EST on the indicated date. Provide at least one electronic USB Flash Drive and five physical copies. Any responses received after the indicated date and time may be rejected*
TBD Oral Presentations Only if deemed necessary by CPC

*CPC reserves the right to reject proposals that do not conform to the requirements listed in this RFP, to waive insubstantial technical defects, or to cancel this procurement entirely at its convenience at any time. The Respondent shall not rely on oral clarifications to the RFP unless they are confirmed in writing by CPC in it published documents.


The selection process shall be as follows: A Proposal Review Team shall be established by the Session of Central Presbyterian Church to review the technical contents of all proposals and to ensure that all proposals selected for further consideration are complete and comply with the requirements in this RFP. The Proposal Review Team shall rank each qualified proposal received and submit not more than the two most highly ranked proposals for consideration by the Session of Central Presbyterian Church acting on behalf of the Corporation of the church. The Corporation shall make the final selection and designate its representatives for any negotiation of the terms of the proposed agreement. The nature and terms of any disposition of Transferable Development Rights shall be reviewed and approved by the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta prior to execution of a final agreement.