Stewardship 2021

Enjoy this look at our rebooted newsletter!

Welcome to the reboot of The Central Steward—a revival of Central Presbyterian’s stewardship newsletter. We call it Steward 2.0.

This new version has a different approach from previous newsletters—we’re highlighting the stories of Centralites and their contributions of time, talent and treasure to further the mission of our church.

Told in a few paragraphs with brief video interviews that offer more detail, the stories remind us that all we have belongs to God. “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it …” These opening words of Psalm 24 are the foundation of this year’s work by CPC’s Stewardship Committee.

The stories also remind us that all gifts matter, no matter how large or small, no matter what unique form they take.

Enjoy the newsletter … and let us know your ideas for future issues.


CPC Stewardship Committee

Chris Sciarrone

Central’s Courtyard Ministry: “It’s fundamental to Christianity.”

It takes about a dozen Central members to make the Courtyard Ministry happen every Sunday as we serve hard-boiled eggs, baked goods, fruit and other breakfast items to our homeless neighbors. Chris Sciarrone, who joined Central with his wife Anne in 1998, has been an instrumental part of that ministry since it began in 2014.

“I felt called to be part of the ministry,” Chris said in a recent interview with The Central Steward. “It’s coffee, it’s breakfast, it’s giving out warm clothes in the winter, but by and large it’s about fellowship.” Chris has a gift for engaging with our neighbors during the coffee hour, a part of Central’s Local Missions work. He knows many of our guests by name and talks with them about sports and their families, helping them feel welcome. “It’s fundamental to Christianity, showing solidarity with the underprivileged who are overlooked and ostracized. They’re our neighbors. They’re right here at our doorstep. It’s the most powerful way I know to be engaged with the church.”

See more details in this 3-minute video interview with Chris.

Ginger Heidbreder

“Working wherever the need arises.”

Ginger Heidbreder and her family have been members of Central for 28 years. They joined the church in 1993. Ginger has served the church in many capacities. She has taught children’s Sunday School for years, served on many committees, and has been both a Deacon and Elder. She and her family bring food to the shelter or for a memorial reception or to members needing meals. Recently, in her Deacon capacity, she and other Deacons started a flower ministry where they distribute flowers to at-home members. Ginger says: “Central is a community in which I feel loved and accepted and grounded. It gives me opportunities to learn about and serve God, to be challenged, and to get out of my bubble. Being in its physical space – with light coming through stained glass and beautiful music filling the air – brings me closer to God.”

See a video interview with Ginger.