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2017 Lenten Devotional Available

2017 Lenten Devotional Available 150 150 Central Presbyterian Church

2017LentenDevotional2017 Lenten Devotional Available

March 8, 2017 – Copies of the 2017 Lenten Devotional, Meeting Jesus, from Presbyterians Today will be available in the church narthex.

This year’s Lenten devotional by Jodi Craiglow invites us to join 47 biblical figures, one for each day of Lent, who encounter Jesus during his earthly life and ministry. Speaking in unique, first-person conversational form, these characters tell us “in their own words” what they’ve seen and learned. They draw us in to share their joys and struggles, and help us understand Jesus in a newer, richer way. The narratives are rounded out with a daily Scripture reading and short prayer.

Along with the text, Meeting Jesus includes a collection of multimedia artwork from Creation Lab in Chicago featuring ancient Lenten symbols expressed in a contemporary, urban style.