Central Leadership

The Session of Central Presbyterian Church


Bessie Green
Kathy Harben
Khaliah Johnson
Susan Landrum
Amy Mast – Ministry Coordinator of Mission
Matt Parrish
Mike Sizemore
Beth Webb-Woods
Charles Yorke – Ministry Coordinator of Operations


Janet Abercrombie – Ministry Coordinator of Worship
Lewis Amos
Julie Boggs
Kelly Bray
Sarah Cook
Mary Sidney Harbert
Tom Holcomb
Ximena Leroux
Shelley Parnes


Robert Catterall
Philip Covin
Ann Hunter
Hannah Palmer
Anne Sciarrone

The Diaconate of Central Presbyterian Church

Parish Care Teams 2021-2022
Decatur: Ed Carwile, Eleanor Dake, and Rob Forbes.
Northern Lights: Vicki Collier, Ginger Heidbreder, Zac Hilimire, and Brian Bishop.
In-Town South: Linda Lehfeldt, Ben Sutton, Sandy Hoke, and Amy Covin.
In-Town North: Jan DeLong and Tom Leslie.
Brookwood: Ben Evans and Vicki Norman.
Down Yonder: Anne Watkins, Kathy McCloud, LaShawn Green, and Emmalee Hackshaw.

Deacon Class of 2025: Betty Caroll, Vanessa Kirk, Ellen Thompson, Debbie Miller, and Isabelle Werber.

Deacon Class of 2024: Ben Sutton, Zac Hilimire, Emmalee Hackshaw, Rob Forbes, Ben Evans, Eleanor Dake, and Ed Carwile.
Deacon Class of 2023: Tom Leslie, Linda Lehfeldt, Vicki Collier, Ginger Heidbreder, LaShawn Green, and Brian Bishop.