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Our Staff


Our Staff

Rev. Shannon Johnson Kershner

Senior Pastor/Head of Staff 404.601.3131

Rev. Kate Culver

Associate Pastor

Susan Landrum

Director for Family Ministries 404.601.3143

Dr. Jennifer Sengin

Director of Musical Arts 404.601.3138

Mason Copeland

Organist/Music Associate 404.601.3133

Kristie Johns

Business Administrator 404.601.3128

Mark Wallace Maguire

Director of Communications 404.601.3137

Melissa Johnson

Executive Assistant & Event Coordinator 404.601.3126

John White

Facilities Manager 404.601.3135

Christin Bland

Communications Associate

Linda Massengill

Part-Time Assistant

Courtney Anne Henry

Children & Youth Fellow

Outreach and Advocacy Center

Kimberly J. Parker

Executive Director 404.601.3149

Chattrelle Gillyard

Program Director 404.601.3173

Amy Kirkland

Administrative Assistant

Sonja Hodges

Direct Service Advocate

O.J. Flowers

Communications Assistant