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Our Staff


Our Staff

Rev. Shannon Johnson Kershner

Senior Pastor/Head of Staff 404.601.3131

Rev. Kate Culver

Associate Pastor

Susan Landrum

Director for Family Ministries 404.601.3143

Thom Dixon

Director of Music and Worship

Mason Copeland

Organist/Music Associate 404.601.3133

Kristie Johns

Business Administrator 404.601.3128

Mark Wallace Maguire

Director of Communications 404.601.3137

Melissa Johnson

Executive Assistant & Event Coordinator 404.601.3126

John White

Facilities Manager 404.601.3135

Courtney Anne Henry

Children & Youth Fellow

Alex Johns

Communications Associate

Josh Smith

Audio Engineer

Jamel Morris-Barclay

Video Assistant

Outreach and Advocacy Center

Kimberly J. Parker

Executive Director 404.601.3149

Chattrelle Gillyard

Program Director 404.601.3173

Amy Kirkland

Administrative Assistant

Sonja Hodges

Direct Service Advocate

O.J. Flowers

Communications Assistant