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Central Care & Support

Care at Central

Central Diaconate

Central Presbyterian Church believes that we are all created in the image of a loving and compassionate God – and therefore we are called to love and serve one another with compassion and care. The Pastoral Staff and the Diaconate care for our congregation in meaningful and tangible ways both seen and unseen.

The Diaconate at Central serves the congregation through its Parish Care Teams, the Flower and Care Calls Outreach Teams, and the Visitation Ministry – which includes in-home and hospitalized, living in long-term care facilities, or those receiving hospice care.

Eleanor Dake and Debbie Miller are our current leaders of Central’s Diaconate.

Care at Central

Parish Care Teams

Central’s diaconate is launching a new initiative called “Central Care Teams.” Each team is composed of two to four deacons  assigned to a particular Central Parish. These teams lead the church’s caring and support efforts by: 1) coordinating meal-trains & communicating other care-related needs to the parish, 2) scheduling and coordinating care visits and in-home communion, 3) assisting in funerals and memorial services, 4) and participating in the planning for Maundy Thursday in-home worship services.

Brookwood Hills (BR)

Anne Blankinship
Ellen Thompson

Decatur (D)

Ed Carwile
Terrylynn Pons
Vanessa Kirk
Isabelle Werber

Down Yonder (DY)

Martha Kimes
Emmalee Hackshaw
Ed Galloway
Em McNair

Intown North (IN)

Liz Jaffe
Debbie Miller

Intown South (IS)

Rob Forbes
Ben Sutton
Amy & Philip Covin

Northern Lights (NL)

Betty Carroll
Eleanor Dake
Rachel Hull

Pastoral Emergency Care

Please contact a member of our pastoral staff for any urgent matters. You may visit our staff page here.