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About us

The Session of Central Presbyterian Church

Class of 2025

Robert Catterall

Philip Covin

Ann Hunter

Hannah Palmer

Anne Sciarrone

Class of 2026

Gary Cornell

Denise de la Rue

LaShawn Green

John Heidbreder

Adam Seeley

Class of 2027

Becky Battle

Melanie Bliss

Anita Carwile

Sandy Hoke

Katie Sutton

Sally Wood

2023-2024 Committees

These individuals below serve as chairs or co-chairs 

Adult Education – Robert Catterall + Tina Sizemore
Endowment – Rich Oglesby
Engagement – Marcia Catterall
Facilities – Gayle Knight
Family Ministry – M.E. Davis
Finance – Kelly Bray
Mission – Gary Cornell + George Brown
Nominating – Janet Abercrombie, Philip Covin
Personnel – Denise de la Rue
Stewardship – Ann Hunter
Worship & Arts – Janet Abercrombie + Vicki Collier


The Diaconate of Central Presbyterian Church

Class of 2025

Betty Carroll

Ellen Thompson

Isabelle Werber

Vanessa Kirk

Debbie Miller

Class of 2026

Anne Blankinship

Ed Galloway

Liz Jaffe

Martha Kimes

Rachel Hull

Terrylynn Pons

Class of 2027

Lucy Baum

Linda Massengill

Larken McCord

Peg Richards

Anne Watkins

David York