Covenant & Pollard Funds

Central Presbyterian Church is blessed with two endowed funds dedicated to the support of mission and outreach initiatives, and compatible with the Mission and values of the church and its members. Each has specific principles determined by the donors to guide the use of funds.

The Covenant Fund

The Covenant Fund, a restricted fund of our endowment, was created in 1990 to honor and remember the lives of Central members and friends: Michael Johnson, Greg Robertson, and Serena Crawford.

As a living memorial to their lives and to the balance which each of them sought to achieve among their commitments to family, church, profession and community, Central distributes income from the fund annually, to programs that contribute to the improved quality of life for children and adults in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

The Pollard Fund

The Pollard Fund, a restricted fund of our endowment, was established in 1977 by a bequest from Gertrude Pollard. In her will, Ms. Pollard specified that the money be used to minister to “those in need, specifically to provide food, shelter and clothing for needy children, the unemployed, and the elderly”. (Click here for the story from the August 1991 edition of The Epistle.)

Grants are made annually to support the program objectives of local organizations committed to one or all of these purposes.

Applications are reviewed by members of the congregation, primarily Local Mission Committee members, who are interested and willing to do the necessary study, evaluation, & allocation of funds to local non-profits; it is not required of Local Mission members.

Since 2013 the committee has used three priorities with which to evaluate requests for support and make recommendations to our level of commitment. These priorities are an attempt to reflect the core values expressed in the intent of the Covenant and Pollard funds and the reality of our limited resources. The three priorities are:

  • Services to residents of the central city of Atlanta
  • Organizations with smaller budgets & no major government or public funding
  • Organizations that serve populations marginalized by society

The availability of funds is determined by the CPC Trustees based on the investment return of the endowed funds in the previous year.

The process usually begins in late December with the availability of an application for the two funds.  Past recipients will receive an application, and Central members can recommend potential applicants.

Applications are usually due at the end of January in order to be considered by the committee in February. The committee’s recommendations normally go to Session for approval at the March meeting and fund distribution begins in April.